Sizes & Guidelines

Lamp Shades

General Guidelines
  • Match the lamp base
    Choose a shade with a shape that follows the general contours of the lamp. For example, round lamps look best with round shades and square lamps look best with square shades.

  • Compliment the base
    Consider the style of the lamp when selecting a shade. Decide if the lamp base will be the “star of the show” or the “best supporting actor”. If your base is really unique, choose a simple shade.  If your base is fairly simple, don’t be afraid to pair it with a stunning shade.

  • Sizing rules of thumb
    The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base.
    Shade width should approximately equal the height of the base to bottom of socket.
    Never let hardware show at eye-level.

  • Consider the use
    Reading lamps need a wider shade to provide plenty of light.

  • Consider the bulb
    When using a standard Edison bulb, be careful not to make the lampshade too short, as you want adequate coverage of the bulb. Anything lower than 20cm (8”) may be too short.
    If you are using a candelabra type bulb, then the height could be less than 20cm (8”). An example of this is when used on a chandelier or buffet table lamps.

  • Use your judgement
    Please keep in mind that these sizes are to be used as guidelines. Every lamp base has its own style, and therefore the best lampshade size is a personal decision. Your eye is your best guide.
How to measure a lampshade

There are 4 basic dimensions needed when measuring a lamp shade: 

  • Top
    Measure across the top of the lamp shade

  • Bottom
    Measure across the bottom of the lamp shade

  • Slant
    Measure along the slant (side) of the lamp shade

  • Height
    Measure the height straight from top to bottom
How to determine lamp shade diameter
  • Table lamp
    The diameter (width) should NEVER exceed the height of the base (to bottom of socket) and should be within 5cm (2″) of this dimension.

    For example, if your table lamp height is 35cm (14″) tall, the shade you select should have a bottom diameter measuring between 30-40 cm (12″-16″), depending on your preference for a small, medium or larger looking shade.

  • Floor lamp
    The lamp shades should clear the widest part of the bulb by at least 9cm (3.5″) on each side of the bulb.
How to determine lamp shade height

The height of a lampshade will depend on two things:

  1. SHAPE

    Slanted (conical)
    – They tend to work better with traditional settings.
    – Because they get narrower at the top, they tend to be taller in proportion to the base.

    Cylindrical (drum)
    – They tend to have a more modern feel, which calls for shorter lamp shades.
    – They are more voluminous and therefore look “heavier”. By making them shorter, you compensate for this visual feeling.


    Table Lamp
    Slanted (conical): should be approximately the height of the base (to bottom of socket) x 60-70%, measuring shade height along the slant.
    Cylindrical (drum): should be approximately the height of the base (to bottom of socket) x 50-60%.

    Floor Lamp
    Slanted (conical): should be approximately the height of the base (to bottom of socket) x 30-40%, measuring shade height along the slant.
    Cylindrical (drum): should be approximately the height of the base (to bottom of socket) x 20-30%.
Considering Bulb Heat

Light bulbs produce heat, no matter their wattage. If your new shade is too close to the bulb, it could discolor the shade or worse, start a fire!

  • Be sure the top opening is wide enough to vent the heat.
  • Never cover the top of your shade with a cloth or other material, as it may cause the shade to overheat and the shade or cover may ignite.
  • Never exceed the maximum wattage. This could not only cause the shade to catch fire, but could cause an electrical fire.
  • See table below for maximum wattage references.

Pendant Lamps

Over a Rectangular Table
  • Distance from table
    We recommend leaving approximately 75-90 cm (30″-36″) between the bottom of the fixture and the surface of the table.

  • Length
    To calculate the correct length, the pendants should be at least 15 cm (6″) narrower than the length of your table on all sides. In other words, subtract 30cm (12″) to the length of your table.
    For example, if your table is 180 cm (72″) long, the pendant lamp should be less than 150 cm (60″) long.

  • Width
    To calculate the correct width, the pendants should be at least 15 cm (6″) narrower than the width of your table on all sides. In other words, subtract 30 cm (12″) to the width of your table.
    For example, if your table is 106 cm (42″) wide, the pendant lamp should be less than 76 cm (30″) wide.

  • Multiple pendant lamps
    When installing multiple pendant lamps over a table, the widest part of the pendants should be spaced at least 75 cm (30″) apart.
Over a Round Table
  • Distance from table
    We recommend leaving approximately 75-90 cm (30″-36″) between the bottom of the fixture and the surface of the table.

  • Diameter
    Choose a pendant lamp with a diameter measuring between 1/2 and 3/4 that of the round table.
Over a Kitchen Island
  • Distance from table
    We recommend leaving approximately 75-90 cm (30″-36″) between the bottom of the fixture and the surface of the island.

  • Length
    To calculate the correct length, the pendants should start at minimum 15 cm (6″) from the edge of the island on all sides. In other words, subtract 30cm (12″) to the length of your island.
    For example, if your island is 180 cm (72″) long, the total space that the pendant(s) occupy should be less than 150 cm (60″) long.

  • Multiple pendant lamps
    When installing multiple pendant lamps over a table, the widest part of the pendants should be spaced at least 75 cm (30″) apart.

Fine Art Prints

General Guidelines
  • There are different industry standards for image sizes, photographic papers, picture frames, etc. and these standards change depending on where in the world you’re located, but typically there are referred to in inches.

  • Not all photographs have the same proportions (aspect ratio), they depend on the camera format used to take the photograph.

  • Because we use various cameras, our images are available in various sizes, but not all sizes are available on all prints. For example, if an image is available in 8″x10″, it will not be available in 8″x12″ because the two sets of measurements have different proportions (aspect ratio).

  • If you choose “No Border”, the image will be ‘full bleed’, meaning that the image will be the same size as the paper (this usually means the image will be adjusted to fit paper size). 
    If you choose “White Border”, the image will be slightly smaller than the paper, and it will have a 1/4″ white border around it on all sides. 

  • The sizes we specify on the images refer to the actual size of the paper it will be printed on, not the size of the image. This is to make it easier for buyers to know the minimum frame size needed. For example, an 8″x10″ print will fit perfectly into an 8″x10″ frame with or without a white border.
Aspect Ratios
  • The aspect ratio of an image is the proportional relationship of the width to the height. You will recognize it as two numbers separated by a colon in an x:y format. For instance, a 6″x4″ inch image has an aspect ratio of 3:2. An aspect ratio does not have units attached – instead, it represents how large the width is in comparison to the height. This means that an image measured in centimeters will have the same aspect ratio even if it was measured in inches. The relationship between its width and height determines the ratio and shape, but not the image’s actual size.

  • However, an image’s aspect ratio will change depending on the medium in which it is presented. The aspect ratio of an image displayed on a computer will be different from the aspect ratio of that same image displayed on a phone.

  • Aspect ratios also change depending on the camera. As professional photographers, we use various cameras, therefore, our images are not all the same aspect ratio.
Print Sizes

Photos add so much personality and warmth to a room, and no matter what size image you are looking to print, our size options give you the creative freedom to bring digital images to life. Whether you’re printing images for frames, for a photo wall or for a gift, it’s important to know about our standard photo print sizes and how they could affect your printed image.

You can combine different sizes for a beautiful wall gallery or keep it simple with one large image. Just remember to measure the space first so that you know what size will work best for you!

  • 8″x 8″ | 8″x10″ | 8″x12″ (20 x 20cm | 20 x 25cm | 20 x 30cm)
    Great photograph sizes to start with, these are perfect for either wall mounting or for standing display on a flat surface. These are great for portrait and family photography. They are a popular choice for mantelpieces, photo walls, staircases and for standing on end tables.

  • 11″x14″ | 12″x12″ | 12″x18″ (28 x 36cm | 30 x 30cm | 30 x 45cm)
    These are probably the best photograph sizes when you want wall-mounted artwork. Not too big and not too small, these sizes will draw far more attention than a smaller size, so be sure to use these to your advantage!

  • 16″x16″ | 16″x20″ | 16″x24″ (40 x 40cm | 40 x 50cm | 40 x 60cm)
    If you are looking for a medium sized print, these sizes are a great choice because you can make them a highlight piece on your wall, or to mix-and-match with other print sizes as a collage.

  • 20″x20″ | 20″x24″ | 20″x30″ | 24″x24″ | 24″x36″ (50 x 50cm | 50 x 60cm | 50 x 75cm | 60 x 60cm | 60 x 90cm)
    For those with the “go big or go home” mindset, you may want to aim for these photograph sizes. These sizes are perfect for creating large statement pieces for your wall art or to give as a gift.

Decorative Pillows

General Guidelines

Shopping for throw pillows can be daunting. So how do you narrow down the best styles for your space? Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a newly renovated room, or giving an old decor scheme a new twist, these expert tips will help you choose the right throw pillows for your space.

  • Color
    We recommend narrowing down your choices first by color. Color not only has the biggest potential impact on the overall design of your space, but it’s also the easiest criterion for weeding out what will and won’t work. There are a few ways to go about choosing a color for your throw pillows.

    1. Look to other pieces in the room. The easiest place to pull color inspiration is from other pieces in the room. If there’s a shade in your drapery that really catches your eye, or you want to reinforce your blue-and-white porcelain collection, for example, use these elements as design cues.

    2. Consider the amount of color already in the room. If your couch is one color, your rug is another, and your walls are covered in a third color, then your throw pillows might be an opportunity to add some “white space” in a color-saturated room. Consider pairing one colorful pillow with a two or three others in complimentary neutrals.

    3. Think repetition. When it comes to color in a room, repetition is key to making a design feel cohesive. So whatever color you choose for your pillows, be sure its represented in at least two other places throughout the room.

  • Print
    Unlike color, the key to nailing print in a room isn’t repetition, but variety. That doesn’t mean you need to mix polka dots, checks and stripes to create a beautiful space. What is does mean is that the prints you choose for your room must have enough variation in their size and scale so that each pattern stands out distinctly from the others. Too many small- or large-scale prints compete with one another and feel busy, while one small-scale, one medium-scale, and one large-scale print, on the other hand, will look complementary and balanced.

  • Fill
    Most pillows come in either down or polyester fill. If you’re going for looks-only and are working on a budget, polyester-fill pillows are the less-expensive option, while still being plenty durable and comfortable. Choose down-fill if you prefer natural materials, love the look of “fluffed” pillow, and want extra comfort.

    Now that you know what you’re looking for, browse our collection here.

How to choose the right size for a living room
  • When deciding which size throw pillows to purchase, the style of your home and scale of your furniture will offer the best guide. Streamlined, modern furniture or tight, tailored pieces will look overwhelmed by oversized throw pillows, so if you have a contemporary sofa or a low-profile chair, choose pillows on the smaller side (45 x 45cm/18″x18″ or under).

  • If you’re picking pillows for a larger or more casual piece of furniture, like a cozy sectional sofa in a family room, smaller pillows can look paltry in comparison. Here, the larger options such as 50cm (2o”) and larger will be a more substantial choice.

  • We always suggest using two pillows in each corner of your sofa. Choosing one that’s slightly larger and one that’s a few inches smaller will create a more balanced look. If you’re decorating a smaller sofa, pair a 45cm (18″) square pillow with 40cm (16″) or a standard lumbar pillow. For larger pieces, use an 50cm (20″) throw pillow with one that’s 45cm (18″) square.
How to choose the right size for a bedroom
  • The rules for pillow sizes are slightly different when it comes to beds. We suggest using Euro shams, which are 66 x 66cm (26″x26″), against the headboard. Use three for queen or king-sized beds, two for full, and one for a twin bed.  

  • For the decorative pillows you place at the front of your pillow arrangement, we suggest 50cm (20″) square pillows for full, queen, or king-sized beds, and 45cm (18″) or 50cm (20″) square for twin sized.

  • As with the pillows for a sofa, you can create a layered look by adding a smaller pillow in front of the decorative ones, such as a lumbar or a 35cm (14″) or 40cm (16″). 

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After spending hours driving around LA, the desert, colorado, and hours online I found the PERFECT pattern lampshade. High quality, understated coolness, artistic styling….beautiful! Would highly recommend!

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August 28, 2013

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The shade was done to my specifications and is lovely. It also arrived in a very timely manner.

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I forgot to mention that the shop was very helpful as they created a mock-up of the designs so I could visualize them together. That really helped in my decision-making process.

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Great packaging. Will give as a Christmas gift with a wine glass and tea light. Very pleased.

Lori Souder
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This decorative pillow goes perfect with my living room decor. It really adds to the room and looks great. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to spice up their interior decor. I am very happy with it and I would buy again for me or as a gift for anyone else.

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This is a perfect item, great seller.

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Five Stars!

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Just how I imagined it would be – perfect!

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This lamp shade is beautiful. It arrived on time as stated and was well packaged.

Susannah R.
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Could not be happier with the result, the sellers were very reactive and provided me with a digital preview which led to a lamp shade that is the perfect match (fit and design) for my refurbished vintage lamp. Was a bit pricey but have to admit, worth every cent! If I could rate 6 stars, I would!!

Patricia R.
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October 24, 2018

B. Blanco

Love the color of the pillow. Makes my living room have a pop of color. The colors are the same in person as they are in the picture. I bought 5 different types of pillows from Chromatica and they all make talking pieces in my home. 100% recommend buying.

B. Blanco
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July 14, 2019

Jane P.

Absolutely beautiful lampshade. It’s so unusual and really high quality. Love it!

Jane P.
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Megan Eras

Wow, what a product. I am always excited to find stores which offer exceptional quality with service to match. I am very happy with my lampshade. It tied the room together. The price is well suited for the product. I wouldn’t pay less for the caliber of this lampshade. If I need a lampshade in the future, I will be returning to this shop for my business.

Megan Eras
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Wonderful, cooperative and helpful people with whom to work. Excellent quality lampshade, exactly as pictured and promised. Prompt shipping. Great experience all around.

Hope, ME
July 30, 2019

Bea P.

I ordered 5 different designs to mix-and-match in my newly renovated family room and I love them! They arrived on time as specified. At first, I couldn’t decide which designs to choose as I liked them all. The colors are better than I expected and they are rich and vibrant. The fabric is sturdy and soft to the touch but the best part is that the covers are machine washable. Now I want to renovate the rest of the house so I can buy more!

Bea P.
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Crazy, fast delivery. Beautiful product. Great service (friendly, super responsive).

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Love my new tote! The print quality is beautiful with vivid colors. It’s made with a strong yet soft material that looks to be very durable. Can’t wait to use it on my upcoming trip – or any day for that matter!

Margie A.
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March 19, 2019

B. Blanco

The colors of this pillow are amazing. The red and orange give my living area freshness. Truly fun, different and unique to have this pillow. Recommend buying.

B. Blanco
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July 14, 2019

Christy L.

Love my lampshade. It’s unique and modern, perfect for my living room. Packing was great – it arrived in perfect condition.

Christy L.
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Lynette W.

Finally, I found the perfect lampshade. I purchased a lamp from a secondhand store a couple of years ago and then struggled to find a lampshade that both fit and covered the lamp’s long neck. I had tried a few off the shelf options, but none of them worked with the lamp. Carene and Carlos understood what I wanted, and by simply providing them with specific measurements they were able to make a high-quality, stylish lampshade

Lynette W.
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January 2, 2014

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