Our Story

We make home décor that indulges your artistic side.

Chromatica Home blends the curious eye of a fine art photographer and the ingenuity of an interior designer to bring you a unique selection of furnishings and accessories that will not go unnoticed.

Keeping photography as the foundation of our work, we have created a collection of fine art prints, lampshades, throw pillows, planters and dining accessories, renowned for its unique way of translating ordinary elements into objects of unconventional beauty.

The Heart of Chromatica

Whether capturing a moment in time, designing a new collection or developing a product, our focus remains on creating pieces that combine aesthetics and functionality in order to make any space a source of inspiration.

Our trajectory within the world of art and photography spans over 20 years of experience, and our knowledge in design, production and attention to detail, means you can expect a quality product.

In a world where global brands are replacing mom-and-pop stores and making all major city centers look alike, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. We feel your home should be an extension of your personality and contain pieces that reflect your style. 

Our designs, mostly inspired by nature, urban centers and industrial ruins, are characterized by a blend of patterns, textures and colors that evoke an emotional connection and a sense of familiarity. They are not just functional items, they are conversation pieces that will enhance any decor and project individuality.

This balancing act of mixing old with new, industrial with modern and rugged with polished is intrinsic to our brand’s signature aesthetic and eclectic style.

Our Workshop

A Place of Commitment and Creativity

A Peek Into Our Lighting Workshop
All Products Are Handmade With Care & Love
We Use High Quality Materials and Archival Inks

Do you want to customize a product?

We carry an extensive catalog of original designs to fit any decor. From nature inspired textures, fresh florals and urban scenery, to literary quotes and industrial details with a steampunk aesthetic, you are sure to find a style that speaks your language.

Can’t decide on a design or size?

Let us help you!

We can create a digital mock-up so you can preview the final product before committing to it.

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All images by Carlos Pérez López @ Carlos, P.L. 
Artwork may not be reproduced or sold without express permission of the artist.

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