7 Ways to Decorate with Storage Bins

Ways to Decorate with Storage Bins

And some you may not have thought about.

Storage bins are super versatile. They are the perfect organizing tool and hold items that don’t stack up well or would otherwise get lost.
I love finding ways to decorate with storage bins. Especially because they serve both an aesthetic and a functional purpose.
Most people don’t know this about me, but I’m a neat freak. Actually, all my siblings are the same way. We all find organizing, categorizing and classifying stuff therapeutical.
To some people it’s a lot of work and a waste of time, but having things in order actually saves time and energy! Think about those moments when you turn the house upside down looking for the silliest thing… Well, I rarely go through that, and when I do, my husband is usually involved (ha!).
Of all the storage bins out there my favorite ones are the fabric kind. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and lovely prints. And best of all, when not in use, they don’t take up much space – just fold and put away!
Here are some of the ways I use them around the house.

Plants and Flowers

Using fabric storage bins as planters is becoming one of today’s much sought after décor accents. When the plant outgrows the fabric bin, use it for something else. No more having empty flower pots around the house collecting dust.


Hydrangea Planter MD style 1

When hearing the word bread basket, it is inevitable to picture a wicker basket. But why limit yourself? Use a printed fabric bin instead and serve your bread with style!


Checkers Planter brushes

Makeup gets easily cluttered. I keep it tidy by categorizing it in small bins: brushes, lipsticks, eye makeup, etc. You can combine prints or stick to one pattern or color for a more minimalistic look.

Fruits and Veggies

Flamboyan Flowers Planter

Fruit baskets are widely used as centerpieces on dining tables. I encourage you to give it a new twist by switching to a fabric bin. You could also decorate your kitchen counter with a set of bins filled with your favorite fruit (or potted herbs!).

Towels and Washcloths

Cobblestones Planter XL style

I store my hand towels rolled in fabric bins with a dryer sheet inside to keep them smelling fresh longer. Plus, who doesn’t like their bathroom looking and smelling like a 5 star hotel?


Camo Planter MD style

If you have kids, then you know there’s never enough room for all the toys in the house. When you can’t hide them all in a closet, you can keep any space looking stylish by storing them in pretty fabric bins. For those of us who have furry kids instead, fabric bins work wonders with pet toys as well. If only they could clean up after themselves!

Craft Supplies

Pallet Planter style1

If you’re like me, you’ve had way too many hobbies throughout your life. From stained glass, to photography and everything in between. Even though I don’t have much time for hobbies anymore, I keep my sewing supplies in fabric bins. The same supplies I use to sew our shop’s fabric bins!

Needless to say, there are countless things you can store in fabric bins. I can think of many more: office supplies, tools, medicines, hair accessories and even diapers…
How do you organize your things? Please share new ideas – they’re always welcome.
You can find all of the designs featured in this post and many more by visiting the Planters section in our shop.

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